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The program uses the basic square of nine and other excellent tools added.  Accurate, fast, and has special folders to print out specific list of prices and dates that are on the major Gann angles.  What use take days can be done in seconds. The Excel is limited to 64000 cells and this program takes advantage of all its space. 180x180=32400


Added Features:

  • Master Charts of Price (square of nine), This is the most common understanding users have of the Master Chart.  Except, it allows the user to input 0, 1 or any import low, in which each cell increases by a factor of 1. The main input page generates a list of all important price per angles and also dates per angles for easy printing and future resource. {example: I use 192 in the center cell, all-time low in Nov beans, then all future price angles are directly related to the low not 0 or 1}

  • Master Charts of Dates, each cell increases one calendar day per cell from the center cell and progressively increases by 1.  You can input any important historical time you wish, old high, old low dates or [example] beginning of WWII.  This accurately forecasts the future angles of time.

  • Master Charts From A Specific High Price, each cell decreases by one from the center cell input. The sample link above shows this feature. In mathematics one can Multiply, Divide, Add or (Subtract) and is equivalent and relevant.

  • Master Charts (2), this portion of the program allows the user to input any number in the center cell and each corresponding cell will increase by the number in the center cell.  (1,2,3,4) etc.  I like to use 7 in the center then all the cells increase by 7, this gives data for my weekly calculations.  Be flexible as long as it is mathematical.

  • Master Charts (2 Dates), similar to the MC2 above except the corresponding inputted number transfers to dates.  Each corresponding cell doubles by dates.


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