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The Excel Range Square Calculator was designed to decrease the time and improve one's accuracy when analyzing a specific square of a range in a stock(s) or commodity(s). This program is in Excel format. The "Range Square Calculator", squares out time and price for Market Day, Calendar Day, Weekly, Monthly ranges and zero ranges for all inputs. Simply input the high date and price and the low date and price. The calculator automatically and accurately gives you the Range sub-squares of dates and prices from the past to the future. The list generated is easy to print or copy & paste into another document. 

The newly upgrade RSC program allows the user to save multiple range square studies for easy printing and resource as well a "Bunch" study.  All price square can be saved in a separate folder and all the dates into a separate folder.  The "Bunch" study allows you to save, as an example, 4 important main squares of range. Your goal should be to have as many relevant sub-square in smaller increments. This allow more dates. So instead of using 1x1 speed you may want to use 1x2 or less.  By saving all the Calendar Day, Market Day, Weekly, Monthly and zero squares for all inputs dates to a separate folder you will have thousands of dates from the past to the future.  The program allows to input a 3 year period, as an example 01-01-04 to 12-31-06, some history to proof its accuracy and at least one year into the future. The program then can sort by the months and years selected to give you bunching of squares in a certain time period.  The Sample link above gives a picture illustration.