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The Master Charts that Gann created were painstaking handmade on chart paper. I've created an Excel Program that instantly and without error plots whatever Master Chart you're researching. Simply by placing a number or date in the center cell, the program does the rest! You have instantly created what would have taken Gann days in a matter of seconds.

Each number or date plotted on the Master Chart represents one cell or point of Vibration. The geometric square of the Master Chart is representative of the geometric circle and triangle, hence giving the square height, length and depth or 3 -dimensions.

Gann plotted many different numbers in his Master Charts: 0, 1, old lows etc. Gann noted that each cent or point represents 1-day, 1-week or 1-month. The Excel Master Chart Calculator can also plot calendar days from the center square. This unique feature allows one to establish pivot time changes out into the future instead of manually plotting each calendar day on your chart. Another added feature is the ability of the Excel Master Chart Calculator is to run numbers backward from a historical high or important numbers plotted in the center square. All Master Charts that are created are automatically placed in separate Excel folder for easy listing reference and ready to print.

New features added: "Doubler", each cell increases by the number inputted in the center cell. Again, this can be from a number or date, out from the center cell.