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Welcome to the WD Gann Online Lessons site. The objective of this site is to further educate the Futures and Stock traders' insight into the Gann Methodology.

There are 12 lessons of Gann type market analysis and forecasting techniques. The progression from the 1st lesson to the last lesson is very important, as many of the techniques learned early in the beginning lessons will be needed to apply and understand in the latter lessons.

The first lesson on developing the Trend Line Indicator is Gann's main trading system in following the daily, weekly, and monthly trends of the markets. The first lesson is FREE to all who are interested.

There are many Gann lessons on the market; many have an exuberant price tag. Many of these so-called "Gann Masters" providing lesson material seem to only scratch the surface. The important, lifetime information, you will learn in these lessons, are proven by Gann himself.

I've been studying Gann for decades and have spent countless hours working and trying to disprove Gann's methods, but find the mathematical principles to be flawless. The secret of the Gann's success is in knowing when to apply the methods and the rules accordingly.

Lessons Include: #1)Trend line indicator #2)Trend lines #3)Zero angles #4)Cardinal & Fixed Crosses #5)Calendar Day on Weekly #6)Support & Resistance #7)Circle Square & Triangle #8)Square of Range & Zero #9)Square of Price #10)Solar Matrix #11)Master Charts #12)Putting it all together

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